Monday, November 14, 2005

Hopeless yet?

There are times I desire more time to do the many things I feel is necessary. One of them is to be more active with this particular blog. But I'll tell you what... I'm so pissed off lately at what's been going on it's utterly ridiculous!

1 - Let's just skip over the wedding bombing.

2 - And the fact yet another fuckin' sex offender has moved into the area here.

3 - Not too mention the Asswipe Democrats are acting like they had NOTHING TO FUCKIN' DO with any votes, UN crap, or the affirmation of us going into fuckin' Iraq.

4 - Plus Congress seems to have a hard-on for American Capitalism when it comes to oil. Maybe if the oil companies LOST money the Feds would bail them out much like the airline??? wtf!?!?

5 - And why, pray tell, are there hearings on steroids in professional sports??? Why not pass some freakin' legislation against kiddie rapers and the ACLU attacking Christmas?

6 - Gay marriage and Rights???

7 - The 9th District Court???

Just screw me good these next few weeks too and get it over with...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fraggin' Sgt. Martinez


What a blackeye for the Corp.

How the hell can a traitorous, yellow coward, son-of-bitch pull off fraggin' in this day and age?

And the guy's name is Martinez!!! Not Abduhl Hair O'my Ballz!!!

And they even found "aggravating factors" which could lead to the death penalty in the case. Nice. Ya think??? "Aggravating factors"??? Great piece of investigative work Geraldo!

Dude lobs a grenade into his mates shack in the dead of night and they think it might be an "aggravating factor". Sweet.

How about a field trial and just shoot the traitorous criminal right there on the spot?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oriental Top Ramen and Whack That Crazy Bitch Please

Nice lunch.

Got to listen about some schizo woman undressing her three children and dropping them off a pier in Frisco. Nice.

I'm sure she'll get a nice warm bed, three squares, visits with a shrink three times a day and healthcare on my dime. When in fact, they should undress her, and toss her ass into the drink.

What's even worse is the bitch told her family she was going to "feed them to the sharks"! These innocent young boys were 6 years old, 2 years old and 16 months. The 2 year old was found, but I'm sure the other two are either shark waste or pulled out to sea.

Great way to enjoy a bowl of Oriental Top Ramen.

Wtf is wrong with people whacking their kids, or grabbing them up and anally raping them?

Not that I condone whacking an attorney's wife either but, I wish instead of a 16 year old cracking her dome 39 times with a stick of crown molding it was a three year old. In reality, I do extend my condolences to Horowitz and their families. This 16 year old should get the death penalty. And by God do away with the needle too, let'em suffer good in a gas chamber or something.

It's about time some one took charge and the responsibility for getting these sex offending pedophile bastards off our streets and out of your neighborhoods.

How's something like that go down? Your sister or daughter casually mentions to you she's gonna drop the boys into the drink for shark bait tomorrow morning. You know she's a sick, schizo freak. So what do you say, "That's nice sis... Pass the taters will ya?"!?!

Where were the Child Welfare Department? Oh yeah, never mind... Their too busy placing kids with foster parents to be locked up in cages.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rappers in Khakis



You make millions every year at your job. You make your "boss" millions every year doing your job. You get endorsement deals which makes you millions a year. So the need to institute a "dress code"!?

The NBA is a business and yeah it should be run as a business. Players may be under contract, but in the end, they decide whether to play or not. They sign the contract and get a freakin' huge signing bonus. So what if David Stern wants you to look a bit professional when doing NBA events or functions? So what if the NBA would rather have you wear your shades outdoors? So what if the NBA would like to see their players dress better when coming and going to work?

I've run my offices, and have worked in many different industries. Of course I never made millions a year, but if the guy signing my check said it would appreciated if I wouldn't wear a retro jersey, baggy pants sagging around my ass and the latest Nike shoes open and untied... Ummmm... I might oblige him.

Ballers want to be rappers, rappers want to be ballers. The NBA is turning into a "thug society". Maybe it'd be different if the gov't was wading into the NBA dictating policies like, minimum salaries, mandatory healthcare, increased costs for weed, coke and crank. But they're not. It's management. And it's their business, not the players.

If the players don't want to dress accordingly, which apparently is in their collective bargaining agreement, then screw'em. Cut'em loose and pull back the signing bonuses.

Many of the NBA are slick dressers though and kudos to them. Many ballers aren't thugs, dope dealers & fiends. Many ballers don't have kids by 5 women. Many ballers are productive members of their communities and act accordingly. But many aren't and don't. Clean it up phreaks. You make buh-zillions between you. Run down to J.C. penny's and grab up some Dockers, then take your coin to the bank.

I bust my ass to make ends meet and need to dress the part. I also take pride in myself when I walk around town. And I don't make millions.

You wanna rap, then go rap. You wanna ball, then ball. But play by the rules of your organization and head commish. You don't like it, go back to jacking cars, pimping and dealing crank.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Protect our children's innocence. Do your part, please.

Oprah's $100,000.00 Reward

It friggin' disgusts me... It is becoming too commonplace... Those sick bastards which walk into your homes... Those filthy dregs of our society... These anti-societal freak losers, whose only purpose in life is to bring fear and harm to, to steal the innocence of, to rob the sparkle from their eye's simply to satisfy some "predatorial" sick, despicable behavior of theirs. Stop this right now.

Repeat sex offenders, and specifically child sex offenders should be locked up and have their whereabouts known at all times. Screw their "rights". Matter of fact, screw the ACLU for even wanting to protect their Rights. They have none. They gave their Constitutional Rights' up long ago when they cast their sick glance toward a 5 year old child, on a city park playground.

Not too long ago my fiance and I received an official letter stating their was a repeat sex offender moving into our neighborhood. The reason we received a letter? Because he was within 700' of us. Freakin' nice. What about the family which lives 1,000' away? What about the elementary schools in the neighborhood? Doesn't the fact this sick bastard is within walking distance of a couple of daycare centers even come into play?

What about OUR RIGHTS! Let's not even mention "our Rights". What about The Rights of our CHILDREN!

How many more times will we need to turn on the television and whether you watch FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC or even CBS, and listen to how some sick, perverted S.O.B. grabbed up a small child and anally raped them, only to kill them afterwards and toss their body aside?

How many more times are we going to listen to how a "Judge" released and sexual child predator into a neighborhood, only to have this sick fuck do it again? Why aren't we holding the judges accountable?

I for one am nauseated, sick, disgusted and thoroughly bereft of any feelings for these animals. Treat them as such and don't worry about violating some friggin' Right of theirs. Try reading this article from Kansas City. Repeat offender, raped a 61 yr old woman and sodomized her twice! But the case was weak!?!?! So he gets 3 years probation and then does it agian. Finally he gets 124 years in prison

These sick degenerates who are keeping "adopted children" in cages. These uncaring, unfeeling scum bags who starve young children so severely, they are found rummaging through garbage cans looking for a morsel of food. A small piece of nourishment which will only allow them to yet again suffer abuse from these asswipes.

Listening to the stories reveal how they survived an ordeal only tells me these young children have a strong will to live - and to survive. They want something better than what they were forced into. Give it to them, please.

Personally I have decided to take some sort of action and it will begin with the Governor of my State, Wyoming. Jessica's Law will be instituted here at some time. It simply has to be.

I will write, email, and telephone to express my concerns. There are many examples of what one person can accomplish in a national and global way. My voice may not be heard by many, but it will be heard by a few.

Do your part however it may be. I have kids, nephews, niece's and even a grandson and would promise to kill any predator who took advantage of any of them. Two to five years and a release into some other child's neighborhood to do it again is not an option.

Write,email, or telephone whomever you need to, in order to help take these worthless, souless cretins off of our streets and playgrounds.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tennesee's Black Caucus are racists???

Doesn't this just take the cake... Whenever a black guy isn't allowed to do something Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton are there to blow the Racial Horn. Where are they now though???

Tennessee Rep. Stacy Campfield, for whatever reason, has decided he wants to join the TN Black Caucus and they won't let him - because he's white. Oh he can be an "honorary member"... Just not a full member! Maybe they can make him a 2/3rd's member just like the Ol' Colonel used to count slaves back prior to the Civil War? Back then apparently they were only worth 2/3rd's of a whitie.

You know I'm just about sick and tired of hearing how the black guy is always getting screwed. It's the black politicians always lamenting about the racial thing but you know what? The 'group' which is supposed to be getting the shaft, won't do much of anything anyhow. They'd rather sell crack and meth to their brothers and sisters for the fast money than attending school.

Don't know about you, but I never see white guys down in the 'hood selling dope to the brutha's. Do you???

Get a freakin' real job, or better yet, start a legitimate business. Lord knows ya'll know how to sell and market illegal crap. Go to school and learn to better yourself.

Beats the hell outta me a black kid gets the whole country up in arms when he isn't allowed on a golf course, then the black community wants to "protect" their own when a white guy wants to join up with them.

Everybody should just take care of their own business and get on with life. Girls and gays in the Boy Scouts. Woman playing college football and wrestling on the men's team. Women wanting to play in PGA Tour events. But let a white guy try to cross over somewhere and you'd think hell is breaking loose. Get a freakin' grip morons.

Maybe we should have a Caucasian College Fund, Or a White Caucus to further the "White Agenda". Yeah that'd go over like a turd. Trent Lott cracks a small joke about race and he looses his position. Bennett does it too with his black abortion blast to reduce crime rates. I don't care whether it's in jest or not, just don't go to the the R bomb at all.

Maybe Campfield will get in if he really wants to. I can see him and his other buddies at the Black Caucus Casino Night, "Minds if'n we dance wiff yo dates?"



Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Florida's packing heat!


Washington DC-based Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence is down in Florida passing out flyers in the airport to arriving "tourists".

"If you are involved in a traffic accident or near-miss, remain in your car and keep your hands in plain sight. If someone appears to be angry with you, maintain to the best of your ability a positive attitude, and do not shout or make threatening gestures,"

Sounds like good advice to me wherever you might be. What gets me is this. These dolts are from WASHINGTON D.C.!!! D.C is always at or near the top of the crime rate statistics. We're sure if you ask any of the "victims" of crime in D.C whether they could have used a gun or not it might go like this?

"Victim, nice head bandage. Think you may ever get sight back in that eye? Anyway... Looking back to the day you were raped and robbed, do you think for one moment a gun might have come in handy?"

"Excuse me, what was that? Seems the feeding tube is making it difficult to hear you"

"So waving a half-empty container of Tic-Tacs wasn't helpful, eh?"

wtf are these Brady people doing? Pass out flyers and run ads in your own town.

Welcome to D.C. Watch your ass 'cuz this is a high crime rate area. Keep a box of Tic-Tacs closeby in case of assault.

If the criminals carry guns, why can't we? Frankly I get what Jeb and the boys are doing in Florida. They have Cubans swimming in. They have drug runners. They have alligators for God's sake.

Now think about this for a minute. If you were a criminal who'd you pick on?

Think I'll make application for my concealed weapons permit. Thank you very much.

Cheney vs. Rangel


Cheney is 64 years old.

Rangel is 74 years old.

Cheney has had quadruple bypass surgery, four heart attacks, two angioplasties and a pacemaker dropped in his cavity. Then he had surgery to repair aneurysms behind both knees and was of late walking with a cane. Damn!

Rangel, well, Rangel is Rangel. What can we say. If he wasn't from New York he'd most likely be selling cars somewhere else. Maybe he'd be singing in the back of a bluesy bar somewhere. B.B. Rangel.

Where does he get off dropping smack on Wyo's greatest, politically speaking. (Joe Glenn is taking 'Wyo's Greatest' right now.) At 64 with that medical background, Rangel had better hope Cheney doesn't run into him out behind the Library of Congress.

Never forget the man is from the Great State of Wyoming and no doubt a top-level member of Cowboy Joe .

B.B. will no doubt sink into obscurity soon singing the blues about Bull O'Connor and Bush on Hannity and Colmes.

B.B Rangel's time would be better spent filling out job applications for Halliburton and heading to New Orleans to clean up debris.

The two of them should pimp a pay-for-view fight and donate the proceeds to the Hurricane Relief Fund.

Monday, October 03, 2005

So I'm in sales... What about the bum?

So I'm in sales and bust my ass on a daily basis. Got a tie on. Cleaned up rig so I look "successful" when I pull in, etc.

Degrade myself by walking into an office and saying, "Nice fish you got hanging there!". But hey, if it makes the "decision-maker" feel good so be it.

After busting my ass to close a deal I'm driving back to the office and pass a "homeless" guy on the intersection leaving Wal-Mart. Nice. Typical homeless guy. Dirty. Unshaven. Looks like he sleeps under the bridge, etc. Guess that's what it takes though.

On the very next corner I see another one! "wtf are homeless people doing begging in NE Wyoming in freakin' October?!?!", I think to myself! If I were homeless and begging it would be in sunny So Cal. Screw the Liberal-bashing life, I just want somebody to take care of me. It's not like I'd panhandle outside Teddy Kennedy's crib.

Now what is a homeless guy out there begging his ass off, except just another salesman? He says nothing. He just stands there with his cheesy sign about needing gas money, wife and kids, or the classic "Will Work For Food" plastered on it.

He's working the Law of Large numbers. Stand there long enough and let a couple thousand people drive by you, there's bound to be a few guilty "Christian's" toss a few bucks out at you.

Guess that makes a homeless bum somewhat better than a project-living, welfare tramp not doing a damn thing.

But then again, we're both in sales. But I have a rig, wear a tie and shave. He has no overhead unless you count the bridge he sleeps under.

God I hate bums.

Get a job Bum.

Why can't they read?!

American Idol Can't Read

"The 21-year-old R&B singer says she's signed record deals and contracts that she didn't read and couldn't understand. But the hardest part, she said, is not being able to read to Zion, her 4-year-old daughter.

"That hurts really bad," she said, adding that she is now learning to read with tutors.

You know what? That's all fine and good 'Fantasia' is getting a tutor. Might as well start reading since you have a 4yr old daughter named Zion. What I fail to comprehend is why YOUR mother would allow you to not be able to read?

Being a black single unwed mother is no excuse either. Were you not sitting in class? Did you go to class? What did your mother think you were going to do if you couldn't read? Follow her foot steps.

In fact, the grandmother of Zion was an unwed single black woman who couldn't read either. And if it wasn't for the fact you could sing, your daughter Zion would most likely follow in your footsteps as well.

Being black isn't an excuse. There are white people who can't read and they have no excuse either. This isn't a racial issue, it's a self-respect issue.

It's an issue of where the Hell are the parents of today's youth? It's an issue of adolescent sexual romps. Instead of "See Dick run" it's "See dick fun".

We can go right down a list of who's responsible for Fantasia not being able to read. Like let's say for starters, who are the ignorant teachers who pushed her through to high school?

Where was the mother? Hopefully working and providing for Fantasia. But what about wanting more for her daughter? Why didn't Fantasia's mother make the effort to learn to read so she could read bed time stories to her own daughter?

The ability for Fantasia, other blacks, whites, browns and yellows to read is besides the point here as well. Yes, the No Child Left Behind was a noble cause and rightfully so in spirit. Yes, welfare and assistance is a noble cause and rightfully so in spirit. But it is keeping these illiterate people right where they are!

It becomes an unbroken string of behavior passed down from generation to generation. Mom was a welfare mother. Daughter becomes a welfare mother. Granddaughter becomes a welfare mother and none of them can read. But they get their gov't check every month, thank-you very much.

Maybe instead of just sending out 'entitlements', the gov't should make a requirement of being able to read. And if they can't read, make it a requirement for them to attend Adult Literacy classes.

Black leaders and liberal activists seem to always claim it is the Republican Party which wants to keep po' people po'. This simply isn't true. For if these people could read they could better themselves. They could move up in stature, social and financial class. They could CONTRIBUTE back to our society, rather than feeding OFF OUR society. They could contribute through the payment of their taxes to our gov't, Democrat or Republican.

Not being able to read is your own fault inevitably and we're pleased Fantasia is working on becoming literate. One down how many million more to go?

Friday, September 30, 2005

Dr Bill Bennet runs for Grand Wizard

It is simply amazing in today's day and age people - people with access to the public airwaves - still puke at the mouth with racial crap. Jimmy the Greek lost his job with racial remarks, Trent Lott lost his position with a semi-racial inference jest, and now Dr. Bill Bennett has tossed his hood, er, hat into the ring.

Dr. Bill Bennett: "I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose, you cold abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down...That would be an impossible, ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down. So these far-out, these far-reaching, extensive extrapolations are, I think, tricky."

Nice crack Dr. Grand Wizard. Get off a racial bomb and at the same time declare it ridiculous. How about Iraqi babies. If we whack'em in the womb, that might slow down terrorism.

Just come out and say the black race is responsible for crime rates. What? No whitey's fall into that category? I just can't believe people still spew out racial garbage and think it's alright and accepted.

But then again, we have Charlie Rangle calling President Bush Bull O'Connor, so go figure. Morons.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

John Roberts Confirmed!


55 Republicans and 23 Dems voted yes. 22 Dems voted no.

Now that this is finally over... Let's wait and see the filibustering which will go on with the next nomination to replace O'Connor. Does it have to be a woman? And does she need to be sitting how far Left of Center?

Poor and Impoverished Rights - Should Be Protected

Last night a business associate was telling about the experience his wife's brother had in New Orleans. This man is a doctor and wanted to help the people of New Orleans during their crisis, so he went south.

Upon arriving he volunteered his services and was quickly put to work by the Red Cross. He said the behavior by many of the individuals he was trying to treat was appalling. They were rude and expected everything to be handed to them. They complained, whined and wanted more and more without regard to those whom were in far more serious condition around them.

Overall though he said the majority of people were very kind and appreciative of all they received medically. But it was apparent which people never worked but accepted gov't checks routinely, and it was this mentality which shone through.

Some people are destined to be poor and impoverished just because of this personal shortcoming. Others rise up out of the 'hood and go on to become great, successful citizens.

For the Jesse Jackson's and Charlie Rangle's of the world, being poor and impoverished is a fault of the gov't. Specifically Bush and his administration. But in fact, it is the fault and complacency of the people whom would rather not try to achieve. It is easier to collect a check and hang out on the corner than it is to strive to become something better.

This is America and we all have Rights. Where is the ACLU when the impoverished people want to retain the Right to Poverty? Why aren't they filing lawsuits against Jackson and Rangle to allow the folk which want to remain where they are alone?

We as American Citizens always wish our brothers and sisters well. We want to see them succeed and become part of the American fabric and stimulate growth. We want to see them become part of something greater. But if they don't want to? Leave them be and cut them off. It's their Right too.

DeLay? Get back to the House! Rangle? STFU!

I'm going to tell you. If DeLay did what they say:

DeLay, 58, was indicted on a single felony count of conspiring with two political associates — Ellis and John Colyandro — to violate state election law by using corporate donations illegally. Texas law prohibits use of corporate contributions to advocate the election or defeat of candidates.

And it was an illegal act, then by all means he should go down. But if it isn't true, then I believe an investigation into the possible smear campaign should begin. No doubt Pelosi among others would enjoy seeing DeLay go down. Especially with the current Bush Approval polls.

In the meantime, we got Charlie Rangle comparing Bush to Bull O'Connor! Why aren't we going after Rangle?! Why is it Liberal's and the Dem's can wave the banner of racial comparisons while the Bush administration is pumping record amounts of cash into the system for these "poor" folk?

Well Charlie, if you care to look Bush has spent a record 336 BILLION DOLLARS on "entitlements". So instead of accusing Bush and the conservatives of racial discrimination, start touting how much Bush has done for your people.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mother Sheehan is a LIAR!

Cindy Sheehan... You LIED to us. You said you were demonstrating because you didn't like the USA being in Iraq.

You said your son died in an illegal war and it wasn't even for a noble cause. Cindy Sheehan... You lied.

Now, Cindy Sheehan, you are trampling the honor of the death of your son whom did die for a noble cause. I salute him and the others whose lives were taken. Whose limbs were lost.

Cindy Sheehan... You LIED. You SMILED as the police officers carried you away. You SMILED as the others cheered you on. You are no longer demonstrating peacefully about the death of your son, but have taken on many more issues than what you originally told us. Cindy Sheehan... you LIED.

How pitiful is it a mother would use the death of her son as nothing more than a political step stool?

Police abuse of authority? How should it be handled?

It was rumored over the weekend the three City of Sheridan police officers were to be disciplined in the following manner. Two officers may have received letters of intent to terminate their service with the city, and the third would be demoted to an entry-level officer.

Does the punishment actually fit the actions of the officers? Or does the punishment qualify as abuse of authority on the City Council's part and exceed the officer's abuse? What the officers did might not have been the correct way to go about stopping the mayor, but they did have cause.

One argument states the officers used cell phones to call in a drinking and driving Mayor when he left the H.O.G. Rally to keep his name off of the local police scanners. Thereby not causing an ensuing scandal and protecting the mayor.

The other side of the argument is they "set up" the mayor to discredit him by covert surveillance, and using personal communication devices to entrap him.

Either way, who the Hell cares!

If the mayor was drinking and driving he should be arrested and dealt with accordingly. If he wasn't found to be impaired, then release him.

If the officers were found to be abusing their authority, they should be dealt with in a manner which fits the offense. Lord knows we've all dealt with bullheaded officers which, on the surface, appeared to be stepping over the bounds of his authority. Wielding his authority like a playground bully.

A few weeks or so of unpaid leave should suffice. It isn't as if they were on "the take" or protecting meth houses.

And let's not mention the mayor and City Council spent over $8,000.00 of tax payer money to "absolve" the Mayor! Shouldn't we all have the same legal defense fund if we were to get pulled over?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Solution to Katrina mess: Make New Orleans a dump

Sometimes we wonder if what we read is actually intended to be as it reads.

The following is a letter to the editor of our local paper. The author is a long time contributor with some very interesting viewpoints along the way.

Credit goes to The Sheridan Press Opinion page Thursday, September 22, 2005.

Solution to Katrina:
Make New Orleans a dump


Many people have offered suggestions regarding what to do with New Orleans.

I think we should make New Orleans the Garbage Dump of the Nation.

Many cities around the country are having trouble finding a place to dump their garbage and are already shipping it hundreds of miles to dump sites. Why not send it all to New Orleans and solve everyone's problem?

The national garbage could be used in massive landfills. After the level of the garbage in a cell is above sea level, the debris from the bulldozed houses could be used to seal it.

After adding some dirt to top it off, new communities can be built that will not be in danger of flooding.

In addition, the jobs of hauling the garbage can be given exclusively to out-of-work New Orleans residents, creating many jobs paid with out-of-state funds.

This plan would solve flooding in New Orleans, provide jobs for residents, and relieve garbage disposal problems for many large cities.

After 20 years or so, residents can drive pipes into the ground and capture decomposition gases for their stoves and furnaces.

David Kuzara

The Sheridan Files have no opinion one way or the other about the above author except he brings humor to our day at times.

Perhaps we could somehow manage to get the illegal aliens to move to New Orleans and help out the local residents with turning their historic, culturally rich city into the nations largest landfill?

Wonder what his next letter about Hurricance Rita will reveal?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mayor Kinskey and Three Bad Cops?

Not too long ago our Mayor was yanked for a possible DUI after leaving a Harley Owner's Group Rally. Apparently The Mayor after a successful election decided to cut the City's employee benefits. City Employee's, er, cops, decided to "set up" the good ol' Mayor, allegedly.

Mayor attends the local H.O.G. Rally and downs a cold one or two. Gets in his rig and rolls off. Few minutes later City Employee, er, cop, is yanking Mayor. With three cops involved in the "anonymous tip", next thing you know The Mayor is taking his field sobriety tests.

Nice job Mayor.

Now the three City Employee's, er cops, are being brought up on disciplinary charges.

Can't just say, "Good job, boys I was testing ya's!". Gotta bring in an outside firm for 10GR to investigate the "incident". We could have told you it was a set up for nothing Mayor.

Fact of the matter is, intentional or not, set up or not, the Boy's in Blue have a right to pull anyone over if they believe something isn't right. What they did wasn't ethical in the way they went about it, allegedly. But they can do what they do. Unless of course you're an elected official.

Let them go and let's move on.

Any Gas With Your Sex Offense?

Sex Offender Guy happens to be in the Mini-Mart at 4:30am on a Saturday morning. Of course most law-abiding citizens choose to be in bed at these hours. But not Sex Offender Guy. He's getting nachos and a Diet Dew after a hard night of sexually offending others. What legitimate Sex Offender doesn't down some greasy limp nacho's and wash it away with a Dew at 4:30am after a Friday night sex offense?

So while Sex Offender Guy is counting his nickels out at the cash register, in walks Sheridan Police Officer Scott, who knows Sex Offender hasn't registered as a sex offender. Why wouldn't he register? Doesn't he want post cards sent out to all of his neighbor's living within 750 feet inviting them to the Block Sex Offender Party? Who doesn't want some freak sex offender living next door to them? What do you bring to a sex offenders house warming? A houseplant? A cake? Some porn?

Soon after, Officer Scott and Sex Offender Guy get into a scuffle to where Officer Scott receives a broken foot. Nice take down Magnum. Get your own nachos next time or wait for reinforcements.

After busting Officer Scott's foot, Sex Offender Guy makes a break for it across the Mini-Mart parking lot with his Diet Dew and plastic tub of nachos. Only to get blasted with the new Tazer Gun the City bought. Nice feeling at 4:30am. Sex Offender Guy wants his nacho fix and ends up Tazed, rolling on the oil stained asphalt of a Mini-Mart. To damn bad Sex Offender Guy. They should have shot you.

Hopefully Jason Gausvik, 23, of Sheridan, aka Sex Offender Guy will do a buttload of jail time. Maybe he'll be the Queen of the Jail and learn first hand about sexual offenses. We can only hope.

There should be no mercy of sex offenders. And if they hit on a minor they need to be sentenced to Jessica's Law... A MANDATORY 25 years, period. No rights, no TV and a cell mate named 'Big Bubba'.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Welcome to The Sheridan Files

Welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming. An historic small town with a vibrant Main Street.

Life in general proceeds at a slow pace but at a comfortable pace. Though within this pace, as with many small towns, there are a multitude of under currents with many distinct personalities which give Sheridan, Wyoming it's life and character.

As the days go by, you'll find photo's exposing the natural beauty of the area. Our many pristine trout streams, majestic peaks and the local scenery. You'll also find commentary on the local happenings of this fine small town. Life in Sheridan, Wyoming is not always slow as you think it may be.

Links to local places of interest including but not limited to local retailers, fine dining establishments and other places of interest will be found and we encourage you to follow them. The Sheridan Files is nothing more than commentary, a small voice reaching out to the World, and a way for many of you to leave your own thoughts as well.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the life of a small western town for you have reached... The Sheridan Files.